The laugh for the joke

You are insane. If you love jokes, as much as I do, you are definitely insane.

But if you, unlike me, can’t remember a good joke; where you hear it, who told it, or even how it started, then you are definitely boring. You are what humour naturist call a-grown-up, an adult, a Peter Pan’s nightmare. And by my sacrosanct mother, if I were to ever see you on the streets of Japan, I won’t say hello to you.
You’ll burn in hell! There I said it.
At the centre of a bloody war, three religious men; facing the possibility of death during the conflict, confess their sins.
-“I must accept to have a drinking problem, I fight it, but sometimes I give in to temptation,” said Father Uglyba Stard.
-“Well, I have sexual urges, I fight them, but once in a while I give in to temptation.”
said Monk Shees Hornee.
After a pause, both turned to the third man and asked,
“Do you, brother, any sin ? Any temptation?”
Rabbi Mo Therfu Cker sighed and said,
-“I’m afraid I have a terrible, irresistible impulse to gossip.”

I know. Many think some jokes are deplorable, erupts of hell, and that those jokes should not be told because they are discriminatory, racist, political incorrect, and nasty. Yes, true. That’s why we like them.

“I’ve got to go—I’m on a promise to use the rodeo position.”
“What the hell is the rodeo position?”
“Well, you get her down on the bed and start giving it to her doggy fashion. When she starts to enjoy it you whisper ‘that’s how Tracey at the pub likes it.’
Then you have to see how long you can stay on.”

Jokes are bastardly sons of humour. Jokes encase our deep emotions, jokes cause claustrophobia if you don’t let them out, jokes hide the secret of youth.
Once -famous comedian- Sigmund Freud said:
“ a joke is a subtle way of defeat repression, a way to say what we rather not say.”

I think Freud was correct, because my penis is so big that it always graduated a year ahead of me, and I still can not find the courage to confess it to my friends.
Well, I may not be funny, but I like jokes for what they represent: sins, oblivion, political in-correctness, ignorance, nudity, -in one word, dementia.

A famous, ‘b’, president, ‘u’, of, ‘s’, the, ‘h’, USA dies, and goes to hell where the Mighty one decides for him:
-”Hey you ‘sum of a beech’, go in that room, and if you kill the lion inside, I’ll let you go to the next room, and have wild sex with a gorgeous woman.”
The president goes into the room, and after 3 hours he comes out and says:
-”He! He! He! show me the woman that I have to kill.”

Tell me. Have you not learnt many things from jokes ? As many people know, jokes are part of life, we learn from them, as we learn from everything around us. Politically correct moaners say it is bad to be mocked, laugh at, and treated as a joke. But I disagree when they treat jokes as a joke.
Jokes are serious business.
Laugh more about the stupid things you do, or what others do. Make fun of your friends, and don’t be upset if they make fun of you. Enjoy your life. Jokes and laugh are irremediably good for your health, mental or otherwise.
On his 80th birthday a man receives the visit of a beautiful, almost naked woman that says:
“We are going up-stairs and have super sex.”
To what the elder answers:
“Ok, I’ll take one or the other.”

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