Free of Mistakes


Yookoso! Free of mistakes? Don't think so. A friend wrote on her blog, “I'm the author of my life but UNFORTUNATELY I'm writing in permanent ink and I can't erase my mistakes. “


Free of mistakes? Don’t think so. A friend wrote on her blog, “I’m the author of my life but UNFORTUNATELY I’m writing in permanent ink and I can’t erase my mistakes. “

Why would she want to erased something from her life ?
It seems she, like many, considers that erasing mistakes betters life, or that is unfortunate to make mistakes. I asked other friends for opinions, and the common answer is that mistakes cast anchors, impede freedom, and she blatantly told me, “whatever ideas I have are none of your business.”
True. But, what? Do we people really understand mistakes? Can we be free of them?
My naivete assures me I understand my mistakes, and that is a mistake. But life has taking me through God’s treacherous roads of love, laughs, and cries whatever.

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried,
I’ve had my fill – my share of losing.
But now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

The mind boggles. Why would anybody want to erased the love, the laughs, or tears? Tears clear the vision, and as they subside everything is so amusing. How can anybody would want to subjugate happy or sad laughs ? Why would some may want to eradicate even painful love ? No wonder some people are a mess.

My friend on her blog was kind enough to let me comment on the writing, and I took the liberty to tell her, “mistakes are the spice of life. Don’t re-write anything because if you ever re-write ONE mistake -if it were possible, it will take you away. And if you are not what you are, you are not you, but somebody else. Comprende?”
however she was quick to erase my comments and wrote to me, “I asked to stay away of my thoughts! I would never talk to you again.”

Ok. That did not go well. However, does my friend really believe that one can avoid mistakes coming into our lives? Does she really believe that magic will work on our lives and order what is disorder ? That with a simple move of a magic wand we will be over making mistakes? Well, the answer for some is yes. Those some see the world in simple terms; all we have to do, they dream, is stop taking risk, play by the book, and shell ourselves from wrong doing. Live our life ‘a la Japonica.’

Let’s take it from the top. Sure, a Japonica way is the industrial system that eliminates errors, almost, but Japan has yet to reach perfect production. This is what the systems pursue. But it is yet to be accomplished. And why? Because still humans are in charge.

As it is, the Japanese succeed in a ‘zero errors’ policy at many factories, and as much as they eliminate humans from the equation. Therefore if you apply that system to your everyday life, mistakes would disappear because the human factor is eliminated. Right? The same would apply to the rest of human endeavour. Wouldn’t it? But wrong, very wrong. We are only humans.

Here’s the way I see it. In order to reach almost perfect output and avoid failures, rich countries have develop the technology where the process of production is performed by machines. These machines, develop by imperfect humans, follow mass production process with almost perfection, and when a mistakes occur it is because human interaction. So the question is simple, eliminate humans from the planet and everything will be perfect. Well, my two readers, since humans will never reach perfection because we run the show, we must accept that we can’t erased our mistakes.

And I think loads of people would love to define ‘free of mistakes’ as their epitaph, but they forget that ‘free of mistakes’ is the same as being dead.

And life is too good. And I rather my epitaph be:
‘To think I did all that,
And may I say, not in a shy way –
Oh no. Oh no, not me.
I did it my way.’

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