Do not worry about a thing October 25, 2017

Yookoso! People who try to make you, the reader, believe humans are equals is not taking a day off. How can WE? “Don’t worry, about a thing” Human equality is a delusion. We humans are happier if we accept our differences, and face the undeniable truth: we are all different. What is wrong with that?…

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Family ties hinder by modern gadgets December 12, 2015

Yookoso! I resent modernity because it hinders parents-children communication. Children’s dexterity and adults ineptitude with modern gadgets are the effects of modernity. You have but to hold one of those gadgets, lets say a remote control, to perceive its malign effect on the interaction between the old and the new generations. A few days after…

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The new priest in town December 8, 2012

Yookoso! I friend told me about this sad story that happened at her town’s Parish. The new priest in town, because he was nervous for his first sermon, asked the Archbishop for advice. The archbishop tells him that maybe a cup of Tequila will help him relax. The priest knew he was at the edge…

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Who let the farts out ? September 16, 2011

Yookoso! Flatulence is more than expel of human fumes. Although it has played a significant role in human evolution, with some many politically correct bunch and environment freaks, it may some day be black listed as a polluter or worse. I think everybody agrees that we hide our flatulences as much as possible. But while…

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The laugh for the joke September 11, 2011

Yookoso! You are insane. If you love jokes, as much as I do, you are definitely insane. But if you, unlike me, can’t remember a good joke; where you hear it, who told it, or even how it started, then you are definitely boring. You are what humour naturist call a-grown-up, an adult, a Peter…

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