About ME!
Good day. I am Jorge Herbert; born in Acapulco, Mexico. And I am a guy who likes drawing...people out of their mind. Enjoys drinking...when somebody else pays. And enjoys writing...epitaphs et al.

I worked over 13 years in the tourism industry. At 23 I was named Rooms Division Manager of a 5 stars hotel, then and there I knew the manager is the one with the easiest job. I resigned the day of my appointment but as an executive I experienced the world of business and the behaviour of people in leadership. They made me sick...for another less complicated job.
I am fluent in several languages...that I do not speak. English as a second language...I wish. I am also a writer, cartoonist and proud father of three children, well not really! But I am…always practicing my I ams.
In 1995 I met the mother of my children, —and married her in 1997 before she got time to run away. But to make a lon stoy short, she kidnapped me from my beloved Mexico and brought me, using excessive force it must be said, to this archipelago that some people may have heard of called Japan.
I write, entering the 21st. century, and update a poorly popular portal http://www.herbertmag.net, with polls, pools and populist ideas. And an assortment of appreciated non-sense ideas. And did I mentioned I play football better than average men my age?
If people ask what is it that I do? The answer is: a business (sort of) man, cartoonist, freelance writer, a multimedia fanatic, tales teller, footballer, I am not; but certainly I am the best father in the known Universe.