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Mood killer June 21, 2015

Yookoso! The following text may be absurd. I warn you dare to read it, but expect nothing. I decided to surrender to the temptation of writing something stupid.

New, generations February 20, 2015

Yookoso! Shine curly hair, beautiful face, silhouette of an angel:the daughter. Ponderous tummy, flashy skin, wrinkles from head to toe: the father –that is me. The father checking daughter’s school reports says, “You have to study harder.” She answers with an I-love-you-too-dad face and says, “Can I have a tablet to help me with my…

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The man who lives there December 7, 2014

Yookoso! In remote place there lives a lonely man. He is no shy, nor nasty, for life has dearly brought him Through paths of sorrow and suffering. He waited in anxious joy for the day he longed to come, when his family he meets again a family that is no more. A family of joy…

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The long and winding road August 25, 2012

Yookoso! Last summer I took time off work and flipping over ideas of where to go and what to do I realize that I had not visit for a long time my Grand Mother’s house; whom we called ‘Bachan’ — where that name came from is mystery, however. She died years ago and I inherited…

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