New generations

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Shine curly hair, beautiful face, silhouette of an angel:the daughter.
Ponderous tummy, flashy skin, wrinkles from head to toe: the father –that is me.
The father checking daughter’s school reports says, “You have to study harder.”
She answers with an I-love-you-too-dad face and says, “Can I have a tablet to help me with my study ?”
“What ? Young lady,” I said. “Do you know how hard this father has to work to pay the house expenses ? How difficult it is to pay the bills ? Let me tell you about my childhood…” Then I am thunderstruck; am I really paying the bills? Read more ›

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Religion. A handicap


My religion wise friends tell me that I maybe on my way to hell because I live in Japan and the country is full of infidels. Their good intentions are meant to save from burning as many souls as possible.


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My din a ling

Bulgarian women from the time of the Ottoman E...

Bulgarian women from the time of the Ottoman Empire rule, 1586. Painting of H. Beck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Days ago I thought, “how should I guide my daughter into adulthood?” I said to Mrs. Herbert that I worry if my daughter becomes as many women we know: over thirty, — with children or without them— and still single. Read more ›

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